A Brief History

The Anglican Schools Corporation was established in 1947 in response to the difficulties a number of parishes were having in operating pre-schools. Over time, a number of schools having difficulties were also acquired. These included Tara, Blue Mountains Grammar School and Arden.  Once ‘recovered’, these schools were not retained within the Corporation.

The ability to rescue these and several other current Corporation schools during the 1950s through to the 1990s arose because of the Corporation’s asset base, which provided cash, or the security to borrow, to support the ailing schools.  Originally that cash and security came from the pre-schools. Over time, the asset base expanded as the schools acquired earlier became financially successful.  At first, the total base was used to fund development in each school in turn.  Eventually it enabled the Corporation to add further schools, or since 1997, to start new ones.

The Corporation now owns and operates schools and campuses at 19 sites across the greater Sydney area, the South Coast and Central West of NSW.

The incorporation of the Anglican Schools Corporation

The Anglican Schools Corporation (the Corporation) was established by an ordinance of the Synod of the Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney in 1947.  As such, the Corporation is governed by its Ordinance, which is akin to a company’s constitution.  The Ordinance can and has been amended from time-to-time by the Synod or the Synod’s Standing Committee.  A copy of the current Ordinance is published on the Anglicans website, and also on the website of the Australian Charities and not-for-profits Commission.

Pursuant to the Anglican Church of Australia (Bodies Corporate) Act 1938, the Corporation was later incorporated under the name, The Council for the Promotion of Sydney Church of England Diocesan Schools” by order published in Government Gazette No.55 on 2 April 1965 (p. 1104).

In 1990 the name, The Council for the Promotion of Sydney Church of England Diocesan Schools, was changed to Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation, and in 2015, the name changed again to Anglican Schools CorporationThe Anglican Schools Corporation is a registered business name of Anglican Schools Corporation.

The Corporation is a body incorporated under the powers given to the Synod of the Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney by an Act of Parliament of the State of New South Wales and is a legal entity in its own right.  As such, it has perpetual succession and a common seal, an Australian Business Number (ABN) 63 544 529 806, but not an Australian Corporation Number (ACN).